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AUTRAN & VIALA Minimal timepieces

Jean Francois Autran and Johann Viala are the name givers of Autran & Viala. The initiative and spirit of the adventurer Autran, combined with the very hardworking and conscientious attitude of his partner Viala, is what built the main pillars of the watch industry in Pforzheim, Germany, as far back as 1767. 


 Autran & Viala stands for beauty and simplicity. We primarily focus on clear design, material, quality and style. All ideas and designs arise in our office in Pforzheim, Black Forest. Creative thinking, honesty and diligence define our young brand Autran & Viala. 


Classic timepieces in 39 mm. Silvered dials with gold-plated or blue luminous hands. To the watches

Give time

Already have the right gift for your sweetheart?  Flat ladies watches in rosé and blue. To the watches

bauhaus moments

For lovers of Bauhaus design. Reduced and clear design. To the watches

„Today are the good old days, the ones we shall miss in 10 years time.“
Peter Ustinov, engl. writer and actor, 1921 – 2004
"It's not the little time we have, it's the way we use it."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, roman philosopher & stoic, 1 - 65 n.Chr.
"The most precious among all is time. making the waste of time the greatest of sheer waste."
Benjamin Franklin, us-americ. scientist, inventor and statesman, 1706 - 1790
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