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The new Bauhaus models are finally online available!

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AUTRAN & VIALA Plano. Minimal timepices á la Bauhaus Design | to the watches


NOW ONLINE: New Bauhaus model with thin 40mm case, matt

AUTRAN & VIALA. Feel minimalism.

AUTRAN & VIALA offers high quality quartz watches for women and men who love clear and reduced design. All watches are equipped with Swiss movements. 


AUTRAN & VIALA has 5 categories: Eremitage, Plano, Moments, Opera and LaDonna.

„Today are the good old days, the ones we shall miss in 10 years time.“
Peter Ustinov, engl. writer and actor, 1921 – 2004
"It's not the little time we have, it's the way we use it."
Lucius Annaeus Seneca, roman philosopher & stoic, 1 - 65 n.Chr.
"The most precious among all is time. making the waste of time the greatest of sheer waste."
Benjamin Franklin, us-americ. scientist, inventor and statesman, 1706 - 1790
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